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The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is dedicated to educating audiences and empowering talented filmmakers to tell their stories.  The Festival is a five-day celebration of the art of documentary film, at venues in and around the century village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. This inspiring event draws audiences from all over Northeast Ohio, the US, and the world to experience documentary films and the compelling art and culture they highlight.

The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is produced annually by

Fevered Dreams Productions

Fevered Dreams Productions was originally founded by Chagrin Falls High School Alumnus and filmmaker, David Ponce, as his film production company. David was inspired to tell the story of Sparrow Village, an AIDS orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa in a documentary entitled “The Lost Sparrows of Roodepoort”. Even as he faced his own battle with leukemia, David wrote:

“Nothing is as important to me as producing a work that is true to Sparrow and showing those who have not visited, just what the human spirit is capable of when faced with something immensely dark and frightening.”

David succumbed in 2006 before his film could be completed. With the help of his friend Brock Carter and Chapman University/Dodge College of Film Assistant Dean Michael Kowalski, “The Lost Sparrows of Roodepoort” was completed and has become an award-winning documentary. Fevered Dreams Productions has become a nonprofit organization dedicated to allowing talented filmmakers to tell their unique stories.


Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls, a picturesque village of 4,000 residents, sits at the edge of Cuyahoga County, about 40 minutes from downtown Cleveland. The town, named for the scenic falls in the center of town, is known for its historic architecture, varied restaurants, interesting antique shopping and art galleries, and its vibrant arts community.

The Village of Chagrin Falls was founded in the mid-19th century by the early settlers of Connecticut’s Western Reserve. These early residents were a largely religious group and several of the village’s churches, including the Methodist Church on Franklin Street, date back to this era. The town grew quickly around the falls, along which flour, woolen, and paper mills developed as well as a foundry. The village was incorporated in 1844.

Business owners and tradesmen built elaborate brick homes in a variety of styles. Many of these mid-19th century homes have been restored to their original glory and several are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Shopping in Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls is known for its interesting shopping, most of which is located along Main and Franklin Streets. Shops include numerous antique stores and art galleries.

Chagrin Falls
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