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January 15-31

Short Documentaries


Culinary Journeys

One All the Way, Tanagokoro: A Culinary Portrait, The Little Tea Shop


Inspiration of Art

Apollo road Present: Maude Andrade, Bryan Zanisnik's Big Pivot, Michael Murrell: Art, Nature and Catawampus, NAYA: DAVID KIM, Miss Alma Thomas: A Life in Color, Persian Blue


Ohio Homegrown

I AM, Shoe Bob, The Master Craftsman

We Still Make Things, Who Fights For You?


Chagrin Falls Spotlight

People You Would Like
to Meet

Our Shared Planet

Chagrin Falls - The Early Years, Saving Grove Hill.

Charlie Surfer, We are like Waves, It's Rocket Science, MerB'ys, Lost in the Shuffle, Renaissance Man, Hello Sunshine

Growing Peace in the Middle East, The Unisexuals, Understory-A journey into the Tongass, Wild Winds: Spirit of the Bison


Unforgettable Journeys

The Roads Most Traveled: Photojournalist Don Bartletti, Life on Air, Slim Pickins, Jude


Social Awareness

Life, Again, RIP SENI, Training for Freedom


Stories of Courage

Fraser Syndrome & Me, FULL PICTURE, Out of the Dark: Hannah, Saving Juliette, Charlie Surfer


Bringing the World: Global Focus Films

Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle, Love Reaches Everywhere, Rabari: The People of the Leopard, The Linesman: Both Sides Matter

February 1-28 

Feature Docs, plus all the Shorts from January 


The Edge of Purpose

2019 Directed by Winslow Perry

THE EDGE OF PURPOSE profiles nine individuals who have  built unique routes to success by following their passions  in relentless pursuit of finding meaning in life. Capturing the  essence of the human experience, this deeply moving film is a  unique exploration of what it means to have a purpose.


The Real Right Stuff

2020 Directed by Tom Jennings

THE REAL RIGHT STUFF shares the remarkable true story of  our nation’s first astronauts, the original Mercury 7, and NASA’s  Project Mercury program, which revolutionized America’s role in  human space exploration. Told entirely through archival footage, original radio broadcasts, interviews, and home movies, this  film is a full transportation back to the late 1950’s in America. A  must watch for space enthusiasts young and old.


Kili Big

2021 Directed by Ida Joglar
Who climbs mountains? In KILI BIG, twenty plus-sized women come together from around the world to train and conquer Mount Kilimanjaro as a group, empowering each other to embrace body positivity and strength. While their climb is filled with challenges and obstacles, this journey is one of inspiration, perseverance, joy, and self love. 


Anatomy of Wings

2020 Directed by Nikiea Redmond & Kirsten D'Andrea Hollander
First gathering together to create an after-school film project, ten Black middle school girls return each week to collaborate with mentors in this film about their own coming-of-age. Weeks turn into months,  months turn into years, and eventually the girls set off on separate journeys of their own. As the girls grow into women, their self-defined  ‘second family’ is left to question if their solidarity will survive.


Eternal Harvest

2021 Directed by Karen Coates &
Jerry Redfern

Lao People’s Democratic Republic, 71 minutes 50 years after the Vietnam War, an estimated 80 million  unexploded bombs remain in Laos, having killed or gravely  injured more than 20,000 civilians. While the U.S. spent $50 billion  to bomb the country, only $300 million has been spent to clean  up this deadly mess. ETERNAL HARVEST traces the failures of  policy, and underscores the urgent need for more funding.


Open Hearts

2020 Directed by Travis Pollert &
Jacob Kostelli

This intense “week in the life” follows a medical mission in  Haiti where doctors from around the world have come together  to heal 12 Haitian children through pediatric heart surgery.  These unprecedented efforts, spearheaded by Gift of Life and  the Rotary Club, represent the only collaboration of charities  providing heart surgery in Haiti. This film will arrest your senses  and challenge your idea of what it means to serve others. Virtual viewing available to Ohio only.


The Neurosurgeon

2020 Directed by Magdalena Zagala
World famous surgeon Mirosław Zabek is the director of the Gamma Knife Centre in Warsaw, and the preeminent pioneer of neurosurgery in the world. In this astounding portrait documentary, we follow his creation of innovative therapies for Parkinson’s disease, severe congenital metabolic defects, and many other neurological disorders. Zabek’s groundbreaking work has been shared with others from around the world, including The Ohio State’s Neurological Institue!

March 1-31

Feature Docs, plus all the Shorts from January 


The Price of Cheap

2021 Directed by Barry Stevens

THE PRICE OF CHEAP tells the stories of modern slaves in textiles  manufacturing supply chains, and the brave individuals fighting  on the ground to help free them. The film follows Joseph Raj, a leader  in the fight against these grave injustices, as he goes on raids to  rescue underage children from unsafe labour intensive factories.  Some of these survivors share their horrific  experiences, and their desire for education and change.


The Best Show in Town

2021 Directed by Amity Hoffman

Over the course of nine months, a theater troupe of 50+ actors,  all with special challenges and abilities work to put together one  of the most engaging theater performances you will ever see.  Witness the transformation of these passionate actors as they  gain confidence through the stage, and give a new perspective  to what it means to live with a disability.  


The Book Keepers

2020 Directed by Phil Wahl

Determined to keep his late wife’s dream alive, Dick Wall  becomes the unlikely spokesperson for her debut memoir, and  embarks on an unexpected cross-country promotional tour with  his filmmaker son. Setting off together on this powerful road trip  experience, the pair will explore loss, grief, relationships, and the  healing power of sharing stories.


The Last Out

2020 Directed by Sami Khan, Michael Gassert

This gripping documentary follows the shadowy nexus between the  migrant trail and the Major Leagues. Three Cuban baseball players  leave their families and risk exile to train in Central America, and chase their dreams of getting an offer to play professional baseball.  As the film takes an unexpected turn, the cameras follow these  passionate players as they enter un-chartered territory. 


Edward & Jo Hopper, the Violence of Silence

2020 Directed by Aventurier Catherine

The story of iconic American Painter, Edward Hopper, is  explored through the unique lens of his wife, Jo Hopper, who  played a much larger role in his success than many ever knew.  This film explores the couple’s tumultuous relationship while  illustrating how the pair inspired each other to create incredible  works of art. 


How to Throw Your Own Goodbye Party

2020 Directed by Lauren Coleman

With great tenacity, an abstract-minded dreamer is driven to pull off  a large-scale music festival while dealing with a variety of massive hurdles, including his own failing health. While the festival comes  close to epic failure on several different occasions throughout the  planning process, the outcome is incredible. Witness the story of an  inspiring man who elevated others through vision, love, and music.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 1.21.02 PM.png

Leaving Tracks

2021 Directed by Nick Davis

The intimate and compelling story of Cleveland native Bobby Haas, the founder of the Haas Moto Museum. Behind his success as a financier and photographer for National Geographic, Haas has grappled with a lifetime of trauma in his quest to create a museum like no other. Peer into a world where new relationships are forged with those united by their shared chase for perfection.


The Long Journey

2020 Directed by  Robert Herbolich

The atrocities of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda will not soon be forgotten. Resilience plays a significant role as THE LONG JOURNEY explores one extended family’s stories and memories of their beloved country. Through sharing their tales of hardship, these survivors strive to shed light on a history that will hopefully never be repeated.


Memory Project 1956:2021

2021 Directed by Réka Pigniczky

65 years after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, eyewitnesses to  the most significant uprising against the tyranny of the Soviet Union  tell their personal stories of survival and resilience. Spanning over  10 countries and 3 continents, the online archive currently houses  over 150 interviews. MEMORY PROJECT is a compilation of compelling  storytelling by those who fled to the West.


A Mirror for the Sun

2018 Directed by Neta Ariel

After encountering an unexpected snowstorm while hiking  in Nepal with a group of hikers, Captain Tamar Ariel saved a  number of lives before succumbing to hyperthermia herself.  A MIRROR FOR THE SUN is the story of their climb through  the Thorong La Pass in increasingly grueling and desperate  conditions. This story celebrates an exceptional young woman’s life – her abilities, her dreams, and her determination to  be the first orthodox woman combat navigator in Israeli history. 



2017 Directed by Caty Borum Chattoo & Leena Jayaswa

50 years after the landmark Supreme Court case that ended  legal persecution of interracial marriage in America, two mothers  set off on a journey to explore what it means to be a bi-racial  child in so-called “post-racial America.” Shedding light on the  perspectives of their own families and others, MIXED explores  America’s deep cultural ambivalence.


Raise Your Voice

2020 Directed by Maribeth Romslo

As mass shootings in schools become sadly more common,  RAISE YOUR VOICE turns tragedy into a story of inspiration.  After their own devastating experience, student journalists at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL explore  free speech in America, and unite their young voices and their  power through social movement. Meet some of the journalists  of the future in this uplifting and hopeful film.


Eternal Harvest

2021 Directed by Karen Coates &
Jerry Redfern

Lao People’s Democratic Republic, 71 minutes 50 years after the Vietnam War, an estimated 80 million  unexploded bombs remain in Laos, having killed or gravely  injured more than 20,000 civilians. While the U.S. spent $50 billion  to bomb the country, only $300 million has been spent to clean  up this deadly mess. ETERNAL HARVEST traces the failures of  policy, and underscores the urgent need for more funding.

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